Homophobia in the queer community

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Gender ideology has shifted so far that it’s become incompatible with gay and lesbian existence. We have to compare what we’re being told with our own knowledge and experience of our desire. Is PIV sex ever really lesbian? Have your ever felt pressured to transition or dis-identify just because you’re not gender conforming? Why are there no spaces or organizations left that recognize homosexuality instead of homogenderality? Why does no one worry that young, gay men are being given the same chemically castrating hormones that have been used against us in the past? Why do people start off saying ‘no one says you have to have sex with trans people’ but then finish by saying that being exclusionary makes you a terf who deserves to die? We’ve been allies to our trans friends, but this alliance needs to go both ways. Are you ready to name the confusing contradictions you’ve been asked to believe? It’s time to let it all out! We understand!